Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Eryilmaz

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Nose Aesthetic

Nose esthetic surgeries are the most common type of esthetic surgeries around the world. The main reason for this is undoubtedly the fact that the nose is among the most remarkable limbs. Noseaesthetics (rhinoplasty) surgery aims to give a natural appearance to the nose that has lost its aesthetics. The meaningof the natural appearance is that the nose is compatible with the face. In other words, it is essential that the nose is proportional to the other parts on the face, and that it provides an integrity.

Even if nose aesthetics is generally perceived as a downscaling surgery, but it can be performed for enlargement purposes or to nasal tip as well as to the nose. Within the scope of Nasal Tip esthetics, operations such as thinning, lifting, angle change, skin excision, bringing forward, etc. are possible.

Cheek Aesthetic

Cheek Esthetic Surgery (Bichektomy) is a kind of esthetic surgery that has emerged in a parallel to changes in beauty definitionover the years. With Bichectomy, or simply Cheek Thinning Surgery, it is aimed to remove excess of the fat pads located between masticatory muscles and to make the face more angular than the oval.

Cheek thinning surgery performed by sedation or general anesthesia lasts an average of 45 minutes. After bichectomyperformed by removing the fatty tissue from a small incision in the mucous membrane of the mouth (inside of each cheek), patients recover within a maximum of a week. Since the incision remains inside, there isno visible scar on the outer surface after the operation.

Filling Applications

Filling applications are one of the alternative methods used to remove wrinkles on the face, to provide volume to the face, and to shape the related region. Filling applications lasting an average of 20 minutes take its effect immediately. Also, therearevariety the content of the esthetics filling materials.Fillers can be applied to areas needed such as between eyebrows, lips, cheeks, under or above eyes, forehead, around the nose, around the mouth, around the chinand so on. Lip filling, cheek filling,and under-eye filling are commonly used applications for volume-gain and shaping aims.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation operations that are in the scope of Breast Esthetics are performed to bring the breast to its ideal size when the size of it is small compared to the body sizes, to shape the breast, and to remove the asymmetric problems. breast augmentation may not make the large breast dreams of patientswith small breast real in any case because it is important to obtain a breast that is compatible with body sizein Breast Esthetics. Otherwise, it is inevitable to have an asymmetrical appearance when an oversize breast is obtained.